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About Me Anuradha White Paper Copywriter


I’m Anuradha, a freelance copywriter and travel blogger from India. Welcome to my website. If you are here, chances are either you are looking for copy writing services or to learn more about copy writing. Writing has always been my hobby and wanna-be profession for a long time in my life. A normal path of education got me an engineering degree in Computer Science as well as a 4 years experience in the Software Industry. But somewhere not being able to write tug me from going forward. And here I am. A copywriter skilled at writing white papers because I still love to stay in touch with my technical roots at times. So I wrote more and more copies for B2B, IT and other Product & Services industries.


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Some things you probably don’t know about me:

  • I was featured in Times of India in the Sunday edition as a startup founder
  • My Travel articles have appeared in The Huffington Post and YourStory
  • I’m a book-bug. I can read books all day and night without a regard to the outside world (But I don’t)
  • I’m a keyboard-ninja. I can type at a crazy speed. Guilty confession, Typeracer was my go-to game during college days. If only I could make a living through this talent. Oh hey, I do!