I work with agencies as well as clients directly. I’m an Indian based copywriter who is skilled at writing B2B, IT, Case Studies, White Paper copies to technical, financial and any sector that you can think of. I have an Engineering Degree in Computer Science, backed up by a 4 year experience in the Software Industry. So you can rely on me for a good copy that can turn around your sales figures into an exponential curve facing the sky!

Services That I Offer

  • B2B Copywriting
  • IT Copywriting
  • White Paper Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing Copywriting
  • Case Studies Copywriting
  • Magazine Copywriting
  • Scriptwriting

If you are interested in any of the above services (or even if its not mentioned above, drop a mail to discuss your requirements), do drop a mail at contact@writeranu.comĀ or contact me through this contact page.